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Jungdong International Travel Agency pursues human happiness through tourism and culture, and will grow into the No.1 global company through ceaseless efforts for the future market and expansion of overseas markets.

Company information

Company nameJungdong International Travel Agency (JDT)
Representative DirectorMyung-Yeom Ko
Established date2013. 8. 19
Business fieldtravel industry, service industry, foreign patient attraction business
Capital200 million won
Sales14.5 billion won (as of 2019)
Number of employees42
HeadquartersRoom 801, 802, Munyoung Biz Aux, 391, Gangseo-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul
Korea Branch3rd floor of Korea Ginseng Department Store, 3 Yeonsam-ro, Jeju-si
China BranchShenzhen Branch, Qingdao Branch, Kunming Branch, Chengdu Branch, Nanjing Branch

JDT Korea Inbound Status by Country (2019)

China2,500 teams /50,000 people * Ranked 5th in all inbound travel agencies in Korea
Taiwan1,500 teams /29,000 people * Ranked 3rd in all inbound travel agencies in Korea
Hong Kong600 teams /12,000 people * Ranked 4th in all inbound travel agencies in Korea
Southeast Asia1,000 teams /23,000 people (Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia)
Cruise22 /55,000 people
Charter50 /10,000 people
Total number of inbound visitors in 2019 : 229,000

Press release

2022 'The 31st High1 Seoul Music Awards' - 스포츠서울 서울가요대상'
2022 'The 31st High1 Seoul Music Awards' Sponsor - 스포츠서울 서울가요대상 스폰서 참여
2022 'The 31st High1 Seoul Music Awards' Stage
2021 Signed an exclusive sales contract with Incheon cosmetics co-brand 'Oull(어울)' worth 6 billion won a year in China
2021 Incheon cosmetics co-brand 'Oull(어울)' aims to reinforce marketing
2020 Selected as the official travel agency of Hamyangsan Samhang Aging Expo
2020 Incheon city's new coronavirus response tourism sector joint public-private countermeasures meeting *YouTube
2019 Incheon Ganghwa-gun Office-Incheon Tourism Organization signed a business agreement to attract 20,000 overseas tourists
2019 Ganghwa-gun, Incheon, attracts 20,000 overseas tourists in cooperation between institutions Cruising / 'Jungdong International Travel Agency' attracts the first Vietnamese tourist charter
2019 Bupyeong-gu signed a business agreement for planning and attracting overseas tourists for the Bupyeong Pungmul Festival
2019 '2019 KAF' final release of the ultra-luxurious lineup of hip-hop concerts on the 24th
2019 '2019 KAF', Winner-Hyuna-B2B-Mamamoo-Kim Jae-hwan, etc.
2019 The city of Incheon invited citizens of Chongqing city to Korea tourism by promoting Korea PR briefing session.
2019 Korea Incheon City and Seoan Cultural Tourism Joint Agreement Ceremony was held in Seoan City
2018 International Arts Promotion Agency appoints the head of the Vietnam branch...Expanding human and material support and cultural exchange
2016 UNESCO Jeonju Travel Products'Nundog' by domestic and international travel agencies